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Vectra 3D for Dogs: Information & Review

September 18, 2010 by Maria-Elena Cloherty, DVM

In my recent reading in the August 2010 DVM magazine, I came across a newer product that I think may be a better alternative to the big two topical flea/tick treatments most of us have been using for years. Most pet owners have heard of the big two Frontline Plus, and K9 Advantix, but now Vectra 3D has seemingly surpassed these products in their spectrum of coverage for our pets. This topical rapidly repels and kills vectors of disease (fleas, ticks, lice, mites and sand flies), thereby reducing transmission of numerous diseases.

These various parasites unbeknown to many can not only affect dogs, but also their human family members, as well. These parasites can lead to intestinal upset-vomiting/diarrhea, stunting of growth, joint changes, kidney disease, coat and skin changes in dogs, and even death.

Many folks do not realize that even in suburban settings many intestinal and ectoparasites exist, not only fleas and ticks are the bad guys. These parasites can be found in local wildlife, birds, and other dogs in your neighborhood.

See this link for more information.

Due to the inclusion of the pyrethrin in Vectra 3D, this topical is not made for use in cats, which are particularly sensitive to that chemical. In addition, I have read consumer postings of some concern of the use of this product in smaller (teacup or mini breeds) and multi-pet homes where cats may groom and ingest the chemical. These smaller animals may be more sensitive to these chemicals, and it is advised you speak to your veterinarian before you utilize any topical products on your pets.

Remember, each time pets (and you) step outside, protection is paramount.


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