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This service is provided for educational purposes only. AskVetAdvice is not a substitute for the regular veterinary care for your cats, dogs or other pets, that a licensed veterinarian provides through regular, routine office visits. is not an emergency consultation facility and does not provide advice or consultation regarding immediate emergency attention. If your pet has been in an accident, or is in immediate medical need, you need to contact your regular veterinarian or local animal hospital immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer processing Veterinary Requests for requesters in the state of Ohio, Any transactions from this state will be returned and refunded if processed through our payment systems.


This website, email, and any direct solicitation from this website is not intended to be a substitute for the regular veterinary care for your cats, dogs or other pets, that a licensed veterinarian provides through office visits. This service is provided for educational purposes only. and the Online Veterinarian recommend that your pet always receives regular care, and treatment from a licensed veterinarian or veterinary clinic.

Except as specifically stated on this Web site, to the fullest extent permitted at law, neither nor any of its owners, employees or other representatives will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this Web site or the information, content, materials or products included on this site and through email solicitation and response. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.

We cannot guarantee to provide and maintain the services continuously and without interruption and faults. We may also temporarily suspend availability of the services in order to upgrade, repair or maintain any aspects of the technological infrastructure of the services. However, we will use all reasonable endeavors to carry out such repair or maintenance work with minimum disruption to the services. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice and reserves the right to modify and adjust fees for all services up or down as it sees fit. is not liable for any delay or failure in performance under the Agreement resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, terrorism, or other causes beyond its reasonable control.

Veterinary Areas of Concentration is not an emergency consultation facility. If your pet has been in an accident, or is in immediate danger you need to contact your local veterinarian or local animal hospital. does not provide advice or consultation regarding immediate emergency attention. does not provide consultation on the following topics: will answer your email in the best way possible given the information that you provide. It is your responsibility to provide information in the Request Form with as much clarity and truthfulness as possible.

Online Security

Your personal and financial details are not stored on any part of our site. is committed to providing a secure and reliable online environment for conducting e-commerce. You should be aware that the Internet is accessible to anyone with the appropriate technical capability and as such it is impossible to protect totally against the abuse of the system by third parties, including the introduction of a virus onto the system.

We do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you that we obtain by means of this web site unless we have your permission. As a general rule, we gather the minimum information from you necessary to facilitate transactions, to improve this web site and your customer experience, and to make future visits to this web site easier and more convenient. recommends that you are using the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The web browser you are using to view this page and/or to submit your request should be no earlier than Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 6.0. To figure out your browser’s version number, click “Help” in the upper toolbar, and then click “About Netscape/Microsoft…”. The version of the software you are using will appear. You can download the most recent versions here:

Payment Information is not responsible for verifying payment information, nor will be held liable in the event that the card information received was from a fraudulent source. If payment information received is rejected, for any reason, will not process the veterinary request. will, if possible, attempt to contact the requester, via email submitted, to alert them of the card’s rejection. only processes credit card information in relation to the online veterinary request. If you feel you were billed in error, or your card was fraudulently used, please contact the credit card company or your financial institution for assistance.

About Email Responses will respond to your AskVetAdvice Request within 24 hours of receipt of request. The only exception to this response time would be in the case of a request falling on a National Holiday. In that situation, you might experience an additional 24 hour delay. National Holidays include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Your email address will only be used to provide the following services:1.) your response and answer questions and concerns relevant to and it’s service, 2.) AskVetAdvice,com newsletter information – if applicable. will not reply to return email solicitation from the initial AskVetAdvice Request form. The exception to this is when further clarity of either the situation or the response needs to be met. In either case, any additional questions or subject matter within that reply-response that does not directly relate to the original topic will be ignored and The Online Veterinarian has the right to refuse reply on return email solicitation as deemed appropriate.

It is your responsibility to give us accurate information for sending our services and will not be responsible for bounced, returned or rejected email responses. will tryat least one time to re-send any email responses that are returned to us. After that, is not responsible for lost email or expense unless otherwise noted.

Links to Third-Party Sites

We provide links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. We do not control these sites and resources, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for any aspects of those sites, including their availability, content, accuracy, legality or delivery of services. You waive any claim resulting from your exposure to material on or through that is offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.

Regarding Refunds

We’re sorry, but as a general policy, all advice is nonrefundable. Our fee is for the time spent reading, analyzing and sending back you request for advice/consultation.’s commitment is to give you, the pet owner the very best advice and consultation as can be provided, with the information received. Our advice comes directly from past experience, veterinary colleagues and reference material, and educational background.

There are extenuating circumstances where will refund a requester’s money, such as loss of life of the requester, natural disasters, or other circumstances, deemed appropriate, where it is a near impossibility for the requester or requestee to receive/return the veterinary request. Also, major network disruption, blackouts and other technological failures will also be considered. Note that rejected email addresses, spam blockers, and over the limit mailboxes which reject the email response do not qualify to receive a refund for service.

If you feel that your or your party’s circumstances should fall under those guidelines submit a general email explaining the situation, along with any receipt or email possible, and will determine if the situation qualifies and if it does, will determine the appropriate method to send credit for the funds charged for our service.


You will indemnify, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees against any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, related in any way to your use of or conduct on


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