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Send Us Your Photos! Send us your pet’s picture, along with the name, a short description, and your name(s) and each month, will choose one pet to proudly display as it’s “Pet of the Month”. View our Pet Photos archive for previous winners and pet photos we love!

Dr. Maria-Elena’s Pets:
VioletViolet Mai Ling - Rescued from Kleberg County, TX through Animal Rescue!Mai Ling – From Animal Rescue,
Kleberg County, TX!
The 3 Cats
Bailey, Massimo and Tiger Lily

Pet Pictures from wonderful pet owners around the world!

Kyra - Puppy
Kyra Snow

EBay, Mighty Cat of Auction
Ebay, Mighty Cat of Auction

1st Place - Cleverkitty 2002 Purrable Pics Photo Contest
Frankly All Jazzed Up
“Frankly All Jazzed Up”
or “Jazz”(For Short)…
…And Bubba
(Both Pets from Pensacola, FL – Thanks!)


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