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The Goal of the Ask A Vet Advice Veterinary Request Service is to provide professional, personalized, and efficient veterinary answers and pet advice to the wide ranges of pet health questions, veterinary concerns, and animal-related issues that arise with everyday life. While we no longer provide commercial services for veterinary questions and advice, we do offer our readers the ability to contact in order to ask general pet questions related to pet health and everyday pet care.

Online Veterinary Advice For Cat and Dog Health Problems and Questions

Thank You for your interest in Unfortunately, the Ask A Vet Advice Veterinary Request Service will be temporarily unavailable until further notice.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: This service is provided for educational purposes only. AskVetAdvice is not a substitute for the regular veterinary care for your cats, dogs or other pets, that a licensed veterinarian provides through regular, routine office visits. is not an emergency consultation facility and does not provide advice or consultation regarding immediate emergency attention.

If your pet has been in an accident, or is in immediate medical need, you need to contact your regular veterinarian or local animal hospital immediately.


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