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Wysong Pet Food and The Online Veterinarian are proud to recommend Wysong Natural Pet Food to the many pet owners who visit us. Including Wysong Dog Food and Wysong Cat Food.

NOTE that while this page does include affiliate links to Wysong Pet Foods, we fully endorse this product line.

Wysong Natural Pet Food
Wysong creates foods and products for both animals and humans backed by science, not lore or marketing campaigns. Because of the more natural features, the diets can often be used interchangeably almost regardless of clinical condition or lifestage. They are not artificially manipulated like a drug or some “prescription” pet foods, but are designed as whole natural nutrition for long-term healthful feeding.

To find out more information about a specific product or product category, and to buy Wysong Pet Food and Pet Health Products from the Wysong Website, simply click one of the applicable images below.

Wysong Product Introductory Packs

Wysong Natural Dog Food

Wysong Natural Cat Food

About The Wysong Corporation: Founded in 1979, Wysong Corporation is based in Midland, Michigan with a food processing and research facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. The company’s focus is on a broad range of foods and food supplements for humans and animals, educational materials on nutrition as a preventive measure, medical self determination, environmental awareness, and the development of innovative medical and surgical devices for humans and animals. The company was founded by R. L. Wysong, D. V. M., and remains under his direction today.

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